My name is Steve Holzer. I started this site because I'm completely and unabashedly addicted to music. I admire and appreciate musicians tremendously and am friends with many of them, so I would like as many people as possible to discover and support them and have much more fun themselves! Initially I spent about six months getting the information for the site, designing it and adding the links. I had no previous web design experience, so it was pretty painful.

I go to 138 shows a year and as of November 15, 2013, I have seen 1817 bands in 3122 shows at 381 venues (please check out the Concerts I've Been To pages, which include a list of every non-cover band I have seen, including the dates, venues and band members. I have a large music collection, including 640 albums, 560 casette tapes and 375 CDs.

I was born in Queens, New York in March, 1960, and grew up in the Five Towns in Nassau County, Lawn Gylan. I earned (?) a B.A. in English at the State University of New York at Albany in 1982. I lived in San Francisco and then Oakland, California for eight years each. I have lived in and loved Reno, Nevada, since October 1998.

Most of my work experience has been as a legal editor, paralegal, administrative assistant and customer service representative. I booked and promoted shows in Reno for six months. Bands I booked included Tea Leaf Green, Blue Turtle Seduction, Taarka, Global Funk, Absynth, Frame of Mind, Deadweight (members of Les Claypool's bands), Spindrift, Jeff Jones Band and Spoonfed Tribe. I still help promote shows, mostly for the phenomenal Crystal Bay Club in Crystal Bay, Nevada, which is the best venue I have ever been to.

I am an extremely avid photographer (as the 61,000 or so photos on this site attest!) and love films (I've seen 3100), concert DVDs and audio and video streams, creating graphic art, hot springs, hiking, backpacking, the New York Giants and Yankees, upscale beer, wine and cross-country skiing. I play percussion pretty well at a superb Reno drum circle, but the only time I played with a band was at an open mic night on the north shore of Lake Tahoe with Charlie Hitchcock (Particle, Banyan) and Anthony Smith (Global Funk, Trunk Fulla Funk) in 2007.

Please add me as a friend on Facebook and join my MUSICPHOTOGRAPHICS.COM Facebook group, on which I list everything I add to my site: shows on the live music calendar for Reno, Tahoe and central California (Chico to Yosemite), photos, bands, musicians and links to free audio and video streams) just about every day.

Please also let everyone you know about this site and my Facebook pages!!! Please also donate whatever amount you can afford, no matter how little, as I receive no other income for all the work I put into this site or my photos. Thank you so much for your support!

I hope to see you at some show!!